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When The Visual's Gone No 02
Date 07.05 MMXIV
Golden Girl (directed by Grant Scicluna) is a short film that covers vast dramatic territory about moving on from tragedy and working through guilt. Through a flashback narrative, the events behind the main character's burns unravel, and through Cilla’s point of view, a beautiful girl, used to the attention of her looks now finds herself just wanting to hide from the world.

It was important for the score to work in sync with Cila's POV and keep her internal dialogue close to the surface. Is it melodic or is it abstract sound that best captures the essence of the narrative? In this score, it's a mixture of both. How would you feel if you woke up covered in bandages in hospital, not knowing how, or why, you're there? This part of the score is taken from the scene where Cila is talking to a psychologist.

Without the beautiful visuals of Golden Girl I wanted to capture the realization of not knowing just how angry you are. The visceral can be confronting ... articulating your feelings can be hard.
By Alison Cole