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When The Visual's Gone No 01
Date 14.01 MMXIV
Composing music for film is grounded in an intuitive response to the visual narrative, the characters and the tone of a film. Being musically instructive can lead to sign posting the story and distracting an audience's cinematic experience. Finding the right combination of all these factors is a real process of discovery. Instrumental timbres (sound qualities), chordal types/qualities, key signatures, the speed of a composition, the amount of silence and the obvious 'should there be music score?' are all aspects that require careful consideration. This piece is from a short film we composed the music for, titled 'Horse Feathers'.
This is where I started ...
Not over thinking it and keeping the response to the visual human and organic is number one. How this translates sonically is what moves the audience as cinema is, after all, an interactive experience. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to take away the visual from a number of film scores that I'd been working on and see what I'd come up by creating a purely 'sonic experience'. This is the first of a number of tracks I'd like to share. My inner beat freak couldn't escape the need for some drums and to propel this track with a wider frequency range ... particularly the lower end!
This is where I took it ...
When the visual's gone, sound takes on a life of it's own and your imagination tells it's own story.
You can listen to more of my music here: Silence Loves Sound

By Alison Cole